Do not leave your data on your luck! Store your data on the secure ransomware and phishing proof storage.

Image of ransomware-proof storage by FilingBox

If you believe your data is safe when it is on your PC, you are wrong. Your PC is not ready to compete with ransomware and phishing attacks.

You can be easily fooled by clicking video content on the webpage or link in the email which impersonated-acquaintance send.

Anyhow if you click that bait, your data cannot be safe. Right after that moments, malware can copy your data from your PC to a server run by the hacker or encrypt your data on your PC.

Even though you store your data in your PC installed with the latest updated patches, anti-virus programs, and malware behavioral detection program, those cannot protect your data at the end. Because those protection methods are running on the existing file system, they can not protect data over the limitations of the file system.

The existing file system does not have a decision module inside. It always provides a file following file requests by any program. Regardless of malware or normal applications request a file, it gives a file to the calling application. Malware will go around your anti-virus and behavioral detection program at the end. So your all existing data storages, such as fixed hard drives, USB external drives, CD-ROM drives, network drives, etc., cannot be safe storage to have your data.

The reason we recommend you to use FilingBox is this is the only storage to protect your data from ransomware and phishing attacks.

FilingBox is a kind of network storage, but it has a decision module. Whenever file requests come into FilingBox, it decides whether or not to provide a file with a read-only attribute or a fake file.

If it provides a file with a read-only attribute, it can protect the data from ransomware. If it provides a fake file to your PC, it can protect data from phishing attacks running on your PC. FilingBox is a brand new network file system which has a decision module inside.

We hope you are free from ransomware and phishing attack using FilingBox in future.

Features PC
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Easy Setup O O O O O O
Data Encryption X X O O O O
Team Collaboration X O O O
Encrypted Backup X O O O
Ransomware Prevention X X X X O O
Phishing Prevention X X X X X O

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