FilingBox MEGA

Fundamental Ransomware and Data Breach Malware Prevention Storage For Windows and Linux Servers (Compliant with ITU-T X.1220 “Security framework for storage protection against malware attacks on hosts”)


Secure Network Storage
For Server Data Protection

FilingBox MEGA 2 solution has evolved from MEGA which was based on the hybrid WORM disk technology. In the beginning, it was designed to protect data from ransomware by providing a file with a read-only attribute to the unregistered application’s data request. 

After upgrading to MEGA 2 which is enhanced by the storage protection technology, it protects data not only from ransomware but also from data breach malware. It provides a real file to the pre-registered applications and a fake file with a read-only attribute to the unregistered application. It does not allow any application to create, read, modify, or delete a file on the MEGA 2 drive unless pre-registered.



Application-dedicated File System
For Server Data Protection

FilingBox Mega was developed as a WORM Disk at File or Folder level to accommodate data modification by server applications and to block server data tampering by a ransomware attack. In order for the server administrator to edit or delete a file, it was necessary to switch the file or folder properties to make it  editable.(Folder Version Demo, File Version Demo

In FilingBox MEGA2, in order to reduce the administrative effort, we have developed an application dedicated file system that allows only registered server applications to create, read, modify, and delete files, rather than a file or folder-level read-only file system. Applications not registered with the FilingBox MEGA 2 cannot create, read, modify or delete files on the FilingBox MEGA 2 drive.