Is there a better solution than backing up to prevent Ransomware attacks?

Image of Hard Drive - FilingBox

“Backup is designed for a device malfunction, not only for the data protection.

In the beginning, backing up is designed for saving data in-case that specific device breaks down. Technologically, a recent ransomware attack is not an attack on the device, it is an attack on the data only. So, backing up is not a good solution to really prevent ransomware.

Furthermore, backing up is not a prevention, it’s a remedy. Therefore, it should not be called a ransomware prevention method.

Because ransomware is designed for attacking data, we need a smart solution to prevent ransomware attacks.

FilingBox is a brand new file server which has a create-read-only mode to prevent all kinds of ransomware attacks.

FilingBox is a separate network file server that does not trust PCs and Servers after proving the network drives to PCs and Servers. It assumes that PCs and Servers are already compromised. When there are file requests, including file modification and deletion from the PC and Server, FilingBox decides whether to provide a file with a read-only attribute or read-write attribute by itself. So, even though ransomware might be running on the PC, data can not be changed or encrypted.

Over the last 14 years, we have made our network file server work with create-read-only mode. It only allows PCs and Servers to create a new file or read files on the network drive like a CD-ROM writer. So, it does not allow PCs and servers to change or delete existing files. It works like a network-drive-based CD-ROM writer. For more information, take a look at our video.

Hackers are continually getting smarter, so we need to be intelligent with our smart prevention tools, and not rely on heavy and overloaded responses, like a backing up.

Also, a network file server based ransomware prevention method does not need to use your PC or Servers computing power, like anti-virus software or behavioural detection software.

Prevent ransomware attacks with FilingBox.

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