Finally, FilingBox protects data not only from ransomware but also from data breach malware. 

FilingBox began to protect data from ransomware using a create-read-only network file system.  This technique allows a user to create a new file. But it always provides a file with a read-only attribute when a user opens a file with a double click on a mouse unless a file is opened with a right click on the pop-up menu on Windows Explorer.  

It was designed to protect data from ransomware. but attackers breach data and ask for money for not exposing the data. Data tampering prevention is important but data breach prevention is also important.

To meet this requirement, FilingBox enhanced its network file system which provides a file with a read-write attribute only to the preregistered applications running on PCs. Once the preregistered application to FilingBox accesses a file, FilingBox provides a file with a Fake-and-read-only attribute.  Because FilingBox provides a file with fake to the unpreregistered application, data breach malware can take fake data out only, not real data.

This Fake-and-read-only file system was initially applied on the FIlingBox Team first and will be on SMB and Mega soon.  

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