FilingBox got the FIPS 140-2 CMVP certificate!

FilingBox got the FIPS 140-2 CMVP certificate and applied it to FilingBox MEGA first. FilingBox began to use the cryptographic module certified as FIPS 140-2 validated for products. Please check our CMVP(Cryptographic Module Validation Program) certificate here. Try the more secure FilingBox for ransomware prevention!

FilingBox got the triadic patent family right for ransomware prevention

Ransomware prevention become a very important technology than ever. FilingBox’s patents are registered by major patent agencies including the U.S, China, EU, Japan and Korea. Check this out  The reason they registered FilingBox’s patent, the System for blocking phishing or ransomware attack, was this is a brand new concept protecting data against ransomware from the […]

FilingBox MINI Roadmap

FIlingBOX MINI Roadmap FilingBox MINI Coming Soon 2019 – 2020 FilingBox MINI for Mac and More We are developing a FilingBOX MINI client for Mac OS, Phishing-Free Storage Option and etc . July 2019 FilingBox MINI Open beta test We are selecting 20 beta testers who live in different continents.  We need a help to […]

How have we developed FilingBox?

Image of Filingbox code - How have we developed FilingBox?

We have been developing a file-server-based document management solution since 2006. Existing EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) are usually difficult to use and have user interfaces. They normally ask the user to type in their information into a web-based form, which makes it difficult for users to register new files to the EDMS. Also, sharing […]