FilingBox opened a new cybersecurity paradigm called ‘storage protection’ in ITU-T.

FilingBox proposed the new work item to the ITU-T which is the international technology standard organization under the U.N.  New proposal was selected as X.spmoh (storage protection framework against malware running on the host)

Existing network protection and end-point protection technologies are not enough to protect data because they work as black list-based detection mechanisms. If a new variant comes in, they couldn’t detect it well.

But storage protection is different because it protects data with a white list based detecting mechanism. Storage protection knows what application will access what file already.  So it makes only the preregistered applications can read, modify and delete files and others can not modify, delete or read files except by creating files. 

Now FIlingBox’s framework became the draft recommendation in ITU-T SG17 for preventing ransomware and data breach malware.  For more infor, check out ITU-T website.

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