Why did NH Investment & Securities adopt FilingBox instead of using file servers?

Image of file servers - FilingBox

NH Investment & Securities, who is the No 1. stock investment company in Korea, decided to stop using vulnerable SAMBA file servers, in favor of using FilingBox Enterprise instead.

They fully understood the vulnerability of their existing file servers. Cyber attacks have focused on holes in open source or OS and SAMBA file servers are one of the best targets for hackers.

NH Investment & Securities needed a new file server which is not vulnerable to cyber attacks and provides the same user experience of a network drive on Windows OS. To calculate the investment index and financial data, they have to use XLS files on the network drives, which require a shared network drive.

After receiving the warning from the external cyber security audit organization, NH Investment & Securities adopted FilingBox Enterprise as a replacement file server technology. FilingBox does not have SAMBA vulnerability and makes it easy for users to share and manage XLS files within FilingBox.

They needed to set an access policy for each folder without requesting an IT manager. They are able to share a folder within FilingBox with other team members and other teams.

Beyond the benefit of user-oriented access management, IT managers can also reduce management time for over 20 file servers in the organization. After adopting FilingBox, IT managers only need to manage one FilingBox for 4,000 users. FilingBox provides productivity for users and IT managers.i

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