The FilingBox Partner Program consists of four plans: 

The Enterprise Solution Partner, The Cloud Partner, The Retail Partner & The White label Licensing Partner

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FilingBox offers four partner programs:

1. The Enterprise solution partner program focuses on the on-premise license market.

Even in the era of the cloud, major large enterprises and government agencies still have to store their data in internal networks.

Also, they prefer to integrate optimal solutions, such as FilingBox, with their existing account directory and legacy systems.

As a partner, you will receive technical education that can easily generate extra revenue from system integration services in addtion to FilingBox license revenue.

As an Enterprise solution partner, you can provide the installation, integration, and maintenance manpower service to the end customer.

2. The Cloud service partner program focuses on the secure storage cloud market.

Fast-growing companies want to manage all their data on the cloud.

They are looking for secure and convenient data storage rather than using existing vulnerable storage.

As a Cloud partner, you can provide FilingBox Cloud services with your MSP service to the end customer.

3. The MINI & NANO retail partner program focuses on the secure storage device market.

Professionals and small teams have an urgent need to protect their data from malicious cyber attacks without having a system engineer.

By becoming a MINI retail partner, you can offer MINI & NANO devices to end users like NAS (Network Attached Storage) and USB storage without having in-depth system knowledge.

4. The white label MINI & NANO software licensing partner program focuses on collaborating with the hardware manufacturer who wants to add a differentiated storage device on their product line.

We produce a MINI and NANO with an opened single board computer, eg Raspberry Pi. If you are a hardware manufacturer, you can make your secure storage device like a MINI and NANO with our white label licensing program.

FilingBox Partner Programs have their own requirements:

1. To become an Enterprise Partner, we require applicants to have existing system engineers and presale team.

2. To become a Cloud Partner, we require applicants to have an existing cloud service infrastructure, such as being a registered reseller of AWS, Azure or their own IDC (Internet Data Center).

3. To become a MINI & NANO Retail Partner, we require applicants to buy a minimum quantity of MINI devices upfront and provide local customer service.

4. To become a white label MINI & NANO Software Licensing Partner, we require applicants to buy an annual support package and minimum quantity of licenses upfront.

By becoming a FilingBox partner, you will receive our full educational training package, partner sales website and knowledge-base access. Once you register your sales deal on the partner website, you’ll receive upfront product discounts and sales tips.

Besides that, if your company becomes a Cloud or Enterprise Partner, you can use your license for internal usage purposes and provide a demo license to your potential customers, free of charge.

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