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FilingBox NANO

Ransomware-Proof USB Storage For Individuals


Ransomware-Proof USB Storage

FilingBox NANO is the only USB storage device to protect your data from ransomware and phishing attacks. It looks like a USB storage, but it works as a network storage supporting USB cable.
After plugging the USB port of NANO and mounting the NANO network drive on Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder, you can store your files on a ransomware-proof and phishing-proof USB storage device.

Smart USB Storage For Professionals

FilingBox NANO is a cigarette pack size portable storage for professionals. It works only with the USB electric power.

Not only that, by selecting the storage mode, you can change this storage as a read-only or add-only or read-write storage.


Introducing FilingBox NANO

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How Does The FilingBox NANO Work? What Is The Storage Mode?

How Does NANO work?
Is it a conventional USB storage?

It looks like a USB storage, but it works like a network storage. After plugging NANO into your PC and adding the NANO network drive on Windows File Explorer, you can store your valuable file on the FilingBox NANO. You can change the storage mode among three modes according to the usage.

What Is The Storage Mode Of The FilingBox NANO?

NANO provides three storage modes. After plugging NANO into PC, you can select the storage mode on its touch screen. If you choose a read-only mode, you can only read the data on the NANO. If you select an add-only mode, you can only add a new file into the NANO without reading the existing files. If you choose a read-write mode, you can read and write a file in the NANO like a conventional USB storage.

Looking to secure your company data?

Is your company looking for a cloud service?

Good news, you can use FilingBox as a cloud service. View FilingBox Cloud for more information. 

Does your company require an on-premise license?

FilingBox Enterprise is an on-premise license for companies and government agencies who store their data in internal networks.

Does your company use Linux Servers?

FilingBox MEGA is available to protect your company data on Linux and Windows servers. Try a demo today.