FilingBox Enterprise

Fundamental Ransomware Prevention Network Storage Software For Enterprise



Secure Network Storage
For Document Management

Similar to how a soldier wears a bullet-proof vest in the battlefield, your data needs ransomware-proof storage solution on the network. FilingBox Enterprise is the only secure network storage software that prevents ransomware attacks. If you value the security of your documents, secure your data on FilingBox.


Cloud Network Storage
For Document Management

Don’t make your members of staff work twice by creating files on the desktop and then registering files on the cloud. If they create documents in FilingBox Enterprise first, they can easily increase their productivity without needing to register and share files.

FilingBox is a network-drive-interfaced cloud storage solution. Your members of staff can take advantage of the convenience of cloud storage and light weight document  management features, such as Team and Personal Access Management, Taxonomy and Folksonomy Classification, Check-out and Check-in & Document Versioning. Your users can easily manage and reuse their documents systematically in the cloud.

FilingBox Enterprise provides you with a cloud like experience, similar to having your own cloud document storage solution, which supports all your existing applications.

Looking to protect your data outside of your company?

Does your company want to use FilingBox as a cloud service?

Good news, you can use FilingBox as a cloud service. Contact FilingBox team. You will get a trial license now.


Do you want to use FilingBox individually or for your team?

FilingBox MINI is a smart storage device specially designed for professionals and teams who do not have a system engineer. 

Do you want to use FilingBox on Linux servers?

FilingBox MEGA is under development and will be available to protect your data on Linux servers soon. Register your interest to become a beta tester.