Thank you for Attending Our FIC TALK at FIC 2020.

As a promised during our FIC TALK, FilingBox offers a free one-year license for FilingBox MEGA to all the registered attendees.

What is FilingBox MEGA?

FilingBox MEGA is the ransomware-proof file server software that protects data on Windows and Linux servers against ransomware attacks. For more information, please visit below and watch video clips.

A Free One-Year License is Available

If you want a free one-year license for FilingBox MEGA, click the GET STARTED button below. It will guide how you can receive the free one-year license.
FilingBox provides a free one-year license to the visitors who registered at CES online and/or visited the booth. If you got this email, you are already registered with our as to your interest and involvement.
It requires the Linux skillset to install the FilingBox MEGA software on the Linux server. If you do not have the skills, you need to ask a Linux server engineer who can install the FilingBox MEGA server license on the Linux server.

Are you interested in joining FilingBox Partner Program?

MSP and MSSP partners

We want to help the public organizations in the world to be free from ransomware attacks; this includes government agencies, medical organizations, and schools. After becoming the FilingBox solution partner, we can provide the FilingBox MEGA free one-year license.

If you’re interested in becoming our solution partner, visit this page.

MINI and NANO retail partners

We are looking for the FilingBox MINI and NANO retail partners. FilingBox MINI and NANO, are the ransomware-proof home NAS and USB storage.

We want to make it lower the production costs by adding more retail partners and a large number of orders. If you’re interested in becoming our retail partner, visit this page.