Why did KNOC choose FilingBox to secure their data?

Image of File Servers - FilingBox

KNOC (Korea National Oil Corporation) chose FilingBox to secure their data because they needed a ransomware-proof storage solution.

KNOC is a large public organization in Korea, founded in 1979. They are in charge of Korea’s oil supply through strategic petroleum stock-piling and development.

In order to continue with their mission, they have to foresee and prepare against any type of attack that will threaten their business. IT managers knew that even though IT systems are running on a private network, it’s still not enough to fight against ransomware attacks.

So, they were looking to adopt a world-class ransomware prevention solution and decided to choose FilingBox Enterprise to secure their data.

FilingBox not only allowed them to protect their data from ransomware attacks but also set-up a convenient document sharing environment for their team members.


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Ransomware Protection

To protect your data securely, FilingBox stores your data on separate network storage, not on a local disk in your PC or server. It provides a network drive to PCs and servers like a conventional file server. However, it has the create-read-only security mode which can protect data from ransomware running on your PC and server.